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As​sociation of Merishia Massage Therapists


Welcome to the Association of Merishia Massage Therapists.

Our therapists have completed a nationally recognised training programme, adhere to the Veterinary Act and our own rigorous code of conduct and are committed to continuous professional development to ensure your horse or dog receives the best possible care.

The Merishia Massage Course was produced by experienced animal musculoskeletal therapists/ lecturers, originally with focus on Swedish and sports massage elements. It has developed to incorporate a number of gentle, yet very effective combinations of the techniques, influenced through biomechanics and other soft tissue approaches.

Merishia Massage is a great method to help maintain a good level of performance and enhance well-being for our animals, so that they can continue to enjoy a full and active life with their owner for as long as possible.

Merishia Massage incorporates applied behaviour with Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, fascia release, stretches and mobilisation approaches for the neck, back and limbs. This top to toe approach treats the animal as an individual, working with them to apply the most effective combination of techniques, and provides additional education in maintenance care for the owner.

Manual therapies like Merishia Massage are understood through evidence based research and observation to benefit our animals’ bodies in many ways. Merishia Massage can complement veterinary treatment in recovery from injury or operations, help with pain reduction and improved freedom of movement for animals with joint conditions, aid in overall performance, and can ease tension associated with emotional stress. The knock on effects can be far reaching; facilitating a parasympathetic response, and potentially enhancing other physiological functions in the body.

Massage is also a wonderful way to achieve relaxation and reduce the risk of injury. You can see the tension release before your eyes and the animal’s responses will leave you in no doubt as to how much better they feel.

Our therapists use a variety of deep tissue mobilisation techniques, releasing tension in the muscles and other soft tissues and enhancing movement of the joints. These techniques can be used to aid sports performance, support rehabilitation, and improve general wellbeing.