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As​sociation of Merishia Massage Therapists

Dog Owners

Dogs behavioural patterns are important. Frequently, dogs will lie down on the same side every time, or sit to one side, they may consistently get up when told to “sit stay” or “down stay”, they may run with their hind end carried to one side or appear stiff and uncomfortable either after exercise or after rest. 

Where disease and lameness have been ruled out as the cause, muscle spasm and soreness can lead to restricted movement and the behavioural patterns referred to above or other "behaviours" which will not resolve themselves without help.

Merishia Massage is a soft tissue therapy involving a variety of massage techniques, stretches and joint mobilisations all of which help to release tension, remove muscle spasms and reduce pain, thereby allowing your dog to move correctly and freely.

The Merishia Massage Course was produced by experienced animal musculoskeletal therapists/ lecturers, originally with focus on Swedish and sports massage elements. It has developed to incorporate a number of gentle, yet very effective combinations of the techniques, influenced through biomechanics and other soft tissue approaches.

Our therapists only use long recognised and non-invasive massage techniques designed to work naturally with the dog's own body to encourage healing and to promote good health and enhance performance.

Massage can also be beneficial before or after a competition or hard work to help reduce the chances of injury and to speed up the healing process if injury has occurred by increasing muscle tone, strength and circulation.